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Ausgewählte Einblicke



mit der Polnischen Baltischen



in Danzig, Polen

Filharmonia Bałtycka

Musik- und Kongresszentrum 



F. Chopin

Klavierkonzert Nr.2

in f-moll Op. 21

W. A. Mozart

Klavierkonzert Nr.27

in B-Dur KV 595


Tetsuro Ban

Lech Classic Festival Orchester

Pianistin Elisa Wallnöfer Portrait Dolomiten 2017

”For myself – and in fact also for my professional practice – an enthusiastic audience is among the biggest successes. An audience that I moved to tears with my performance, and that wants to hear me again and again.“ 

Elisa Wallnöfer

Gemeindeblatt Tisens.png

”I had the possibility to present three different characters: an appellative Beethoven, a sparklingly humorous Haydn and a Mozart who is floating on a level unreachable for human hands.“

Elisa Wallnöfer

Mit dem

Lech Classic Festival Orchester

L. v. Beethoven

Klavierkonzert Nr. 3

in c-moll Op. 37 

unter der Leitung von 

Thomas Rösner

„Wallnöfer was invited to the festival not only because of her musicality and brilliant touch but because of her musical creativity, a trait we normally only know from great interpreters,“


explains initiator and former ORF* music editor Dr. Franz Wagner.

*Austrian Broadcasting Corporation

Pianistin Elisa Wallnöfer Vorarlberger Nachrichten Interview Lech Classic Festival 2017
Pianistin Elisa Wallnöfer Vorarlberger Nachrichten Interview Lech Classic Festival 2017

”With all due respect and my admiration for the greatest composers of our history, my aspiration, my drive and my passion is to leverage the tone colors of our modern grand piano so as to add a new dimension to the works of the past eras.“

                                       Elisa Wallnöfer


W. A. Mozart

Klavierkonzert Nr.24

in c-moll KV 491


Thomas Rösner

J. Haydn

Klavierkonzert Nr.11

in D-Dur Hob. XVIII/11

Lech Classic Festival Orchester

With the young South Tyrolean Elisa Wallnöfer (...) a first-class pianist was sitting on stage, just the right choice for Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 3.  If she continues to develop this way, we will no doubt hear more from her.


Niko Firnkees, “Klassik für Solisten“ (Classical music for soloists)  Bavaria, Germany

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